Q - How old do I have to be to be a member?
A - You must be 16 years of age or older.

Q - How many productions do you do in a year and when?
A - We typically try to put on two (2) productions a year -
  • Winter production rehearsals begin in September.   This year we will be performing in November to allow members off in Dec. and Jan. , and to allow for inclement weather.
  • Spring production rehearsals typically begin in early Spring. This years  performance will be held in April.

Q - How do I find out when future auditions are going to be held?
A -  Check out our site current events will be posted.

Q - Where are the practices and/or productions held?
A - Practices are typically held at New Kent Middle School in the
auditorium.  If a practice must change location for any reason,
members are notified in advance. Seasonal performances are held at
the same location.  Special performances have been known to be
held elsewhere, such as the County Fair.

Q - What if I don't want to sing or act?
A - You do not have to be on the stage to be involved.  We are ALWAYS
looking for people to assist with lighting, costumes, stage
scenery/construction, etc.  If you have any special talents such as
carpentry, seamstress, etc - please come and join us!