The New Kent Stagehands is a community theater group operating as part of Adult Continuing Education of New Kent County Public Schools.  There are 7 Directors who constitute the Board for the Stagehands and are primarily responsible for administration, selection of plays and performances, assignment of show directors, etc.  The current Board, elected at the February 1, 2016 StageHands Annual Meeting, are:

Doug Schuler, President: 804-357-4784
Rick Fowler, Vice President
Karen Hill, Treasurer
Martha Martin, Secretary
Dianne Cannon, Board Member
Mark Fulcher, Board Member
Beverley Sparks, Board Member

The Board of Directors meets on the second Monday of each month at a member's residence on a rotating, volunteer basis.  Guests are welcome to attend any meeting and may voice their opinions when permitted by the Board.  Guests may not vote in Board deliberations.  Please contact a Board member for information on the location of the next Board meeting.

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