This page was last updated: 4/16/2016
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New Kent Stagehands is Looking for a Home

Why a Petition?

New Kent StageHands began our existence in 2004. At that time, we received approval of the New Kent School

Board to operate under the aegis of Continuing Education.  Consequently, we were able to present the majority

of our productions in the New Kent Middle School auditorium. Now, in 2015, it has become increasingly difficult

not to interfere with the activities of the Middle School and other outside groups. We’ve already changed the

spring dates of our show to accommodate the Middle School play.  One solution our StageHands Board has

been exploring is the possibility of using the Historic School auditorium. This portion of the Historic School is not

currently being used by any other group or organization. We approached the Board of Supervisors in May to ask

for their permission to move forward with this plan. The Supervisors listened respectfully but did not make any

commitment at that time. In the meantime, StageHands have begun circulating petitions to county residents who

support such a use.  We are asking that community members, who support StageHands to sign our petition to

return this National Historic Building to its former state to be used for county wide cultural events such as

theatrical productions, dance and music recitals, guest speakers, etc. The venue would be perfect!

StageHands is willing to oversee the use of such a facility and to keep the schedule of events. We’re willing to

help raise the funds to ensure that the integrity of the building is maintained. We don’t expect this to be a short

term project but rather a long-term, carefully planned, combined endeavor to restore this neglected gem in the

center of our county. How can you help? Please download and sign the petition on our web page and/or contact

your Supervisor and urge him to vote “yes” on this proposal.

Interior photo of building
Exterior photo of building